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Case Studies / Ingenious

Ingenious – Retail strategy for a new-generation collagen supplement

Ingenious Beauty is a range of new-generation collagen supplements

which uses patented technology to ensure maximum absorption of the finest, most sustainably sourced, bio-available ingredients: marine collagen peptides, natural astaxanthin and the latest innovation in multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, which is 20% more effective than standard hyaluronic acid.

What did we do?

We were engaged by Ingenious Beauty to develop a retail strategy, which included the design, branding, marketing and communications strategy.

"The Red Tree Team gave us the perfect springboard to grow and develop our brand and company to the heights we have achieved. Thank you, Stirling and the team"

Pupinder Singh Ghatora, CEO and Co-Founder.

We worked with the brand for over 5 years to help secure listings and grow the brand's sales significantly. Ingenious Beauty has picked up many beauty awards.

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