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Test your brand's health
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Our fitness test for beauty brands.

Does your brand have a clearly defined
USP?business plan?retail strategy?NPD plan?marketing strategy?

Our unique questionnaire allows you to quickly review the 7 building blocks crucial to brand success. Completed in 25 minutes via our online platform, feedback is immediate. Your unique RaceFit™ Report is instantly generated, full of expert industry advice and guidance, ready for you to download and review.

A tailored report for your brand.

RaceFit™ is powered by a complex algorithm and your RaceFit™ score and feedback will be instantly generated. You will receive an overall score and scores for individual sections. Detailed advice will be given on areas of specific weakness, giving you valuable industry insight and clear steps to take to address the issues raised.

  • 40 %

    The Brand

  • 65 %

    Product Development & Packaging

  • 87 %

    Marketing & Communications

  • 63 %

    Retail Strategy

  • 28 %

    Marketing & Communications

The Racefit™ questionnaire allows you to review the 7 building blocks crucial to brand success.

  • The brand

    Do you have clarity on your brand's Symbolic Brand Value?

  • Business planning

    Do you have clear aims and objectives to guide your decision making?

  • Product development & packaging

    Is there an established critical path to track the development process?

  • Marketing & communications

    Do you have a clear strategy on how to reach your target consumer?

  • Manufacturing & logistics

    Do you have a plan for how you will produce and transport your products?

  • Sales strategy

    Do you need help growing your brand’s revenue?

  • Post-launch

    Do you need help growing your brand’s revenue?

Is RaceFit™ for me?


  • RaceFit assessment is beneficial to any brand at any stage of their journey. If you are:

    • A start up looking for direction and guidance
    • An established brand seeking an overall ‘health check’
    • A brand in crisis urgently seeking direction on priorities
    • An international brand looking to expand into the UK market
    • A brand ready to take their ‘next step’ looking for guidance in preparation for growth, international expansion or expanding distribution

    then RaceFit is for you!

  • There is no limit to how many times you can complete the programme.

  • Absolutely. The Red Tree will have access to your report to assess what additional support can be offered, but your data is completely safe, it will never be passed to external parties or sold on.

  • Self-assessment RaceFit™ reports are generated instantly.

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