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Wednesday 23rd Aug

The Red Tree is a leading international beauty brand consultancy. We develop and steer your ideas, challenge your thinking and deliver results. We call it “building business, brands and people”.


‘Is our business model right? How do we make our brands international?
How best to grow?’

Strategic vision

We are experts in building beauty brands. Our reach and understanding of the beauty market is global. With an office in Paris and Australia, The Red Tree has an international client base that includes the US, the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East.

Clients use The Red Tree to deliver experienced intellectual capital on demand – a cost-effective way to use high calibre expertise built over many years in competitive and aggressive international markets. Brands often reach a plateau with uncertainty on which direction to take next. We can help. We are skilled at asking the right strategic questions—

“it’s not the right answers that determine success, it’s the right questions”

that deliver the right strategic answers to make a clear difference.

Working Together

The Red Tree works with clients on developing and implementing strategic vision and portfolio management. We help with business planning, and implement global expansion. We build and deliver marketing and commercial strategies, advise on social and digital and consult on organisational structure.

We provide consultancy on projects lasting from a month, to a year or longer. For us it’s important that our clients see us as a key partner in building their brands. We build long-term relationships with our clients and for many we become an integral part of their business.

We have an extensive network of contacts in the global beauty business from major retailers to international distributors to private equity investors.


In a saturated market, making a brand magnetic in its appeal to retailers and consumers is key. We can help make this happen.

Brand know-how

We know how to create, develop and implement brand strategy, open doors to UK and international retailers and select the appropriate international partners and distributors. We can take a concept, assess its financial viability, develop it through a planned process and then help launch the brand into UK and international retailers.

Country Management

Our team knows the UK beauty industry inside out and we partner international brands as their UK Country Manager. In this role we become their informal subsidiary but without the attendant legal and tax issues. We provide account management, deliver regular contact at store and salon level, employ staff, and arrange logistics, PR, and in-store training. We focus on driving sales and keeping costs within budget quickly becoming the brand’s dedicated partner and UK ambassador.
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How we work…

Our strength is in making things happen for our clients. We can quickly pull together a team of experienced professionals to deliver high calibre knowledge.

We develop and implement business, brand and marketing strategy and have substantial expertise in new product development, design, and market research. We have considerable experience in moving brands into UK and international retailers and distributors.

We focus on action and not theory. Take strategy. We do not produce theoretical strategic plans. Our work—we call it Strategic Action Planning—is based on pragmatic action so that our clients become focused on priorities and are able to move rapidly on those things that drive their business forward.

We tailor our approach to meet each client’s needs, and always focus on one key objective—delivering results.

Please don’t take our word for it. We’d be delighted to connect you with any of our clients.

Our unique getting-fit-for-market programme.

Wednesday 23rd Aug 2017

In a market saturated with brands those that achieve success have a point of difference. They understand and communicate intimately with their target market and have a diamond sharp focus on their positioning.

With Racefit — our unique getting-fit-for-market programme — we advise on every aspect of a brand. We assess its design and evaluate its pricing, we develop its marketing and commercial plan, review its communication and social media strategy and select the best routes to market. And when the brand is Racefit, we can introduce it to UK and international retailers.

We know instinctively where brands fit, we know how to make a brand market-ready and we know how to deliver a compelling brand story that makes buyers sit up and take notice. The Red Tree has achieved this time and time again. Contact us — we can do the same for you. And if we can’t, we’ll be honest enough to tell you.

Is your brand RaceFit?

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We recognise faces and your target market needs to recognise yours. We like faces that are truthful and honest, that don’t exaggerate and tell it like it is. Your brand should do the same.


Know your target market.  Know where your target resides both for information and the likely place of purchase and plan to be there. Being in a place irrelevant to your target is a waste of time and effort.


Build space around your brand so that it occupies a place that is unique. Critically question why your brand is different, how it genuinely benefits the consumer and why it is better than its competitive set. Let it occupy a space untouched by other brands.

Michael Van Clarke — Hairdresser, Entrepreneur and Visionary

Michael is one of London’s leading hairdressers, with over 30 years’ experience. He has looked after nine Royal families, political leaders and A-List celebrities and worked with leading international designers for their catwalk shows and for top magazines, getting his first Vogue spread at just 19. The Michael Van Clarke salon holds a record number of British Hairdressing Business Awards including UK Salon of the Year. Michael’s product line, 3’’’more inches, takes a unique approach to genuine hair care and has a growing international presence.

Kelly Kovack — Founder, Brand Growth Management and BeautyMatter

An original member of the Bliss executive team, Kelly was pivotal in laying the groundwork leading up to LVMH’s acquisition of the brand. She has worked as an advisor with emerging and established brands including Gap Inc, Dr. Dennis Gross and Carol’s Daughter amongst many others. Co-founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge, she is currently a principal of Brand Growth Management, CEO of BeautyMatter and co-founder of award-winning, niche fragrance brand Odin New York.

Lara Morgan — Owner, Scentered and Founder of Pacific Amenities

Lara’s first business, Pacific Direct was founded in 1991 at just 23. She has been involved in multiple disciplines, including luxury brand licensing, marketing and retail operations to commercial and private label development. She also invests in British start-ups. She designed and developed Scentered, a mood management approach which supports mindfulness and which, through fragrance, restores lifestyle balance. She has been a finalist in both the EY Entrepreneur and Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year Awards.

Crispin Reed — Founder, Skyscraper Consulting

Crispin has extensive experience in the beauty sector having worked in advertising agencies and consultancies on brands including Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden, Penhaligon's, Erno Laszlo and Boots. He co-authored 'The 7 Myths of Middle Age—Implications for Marketing and Brands', which provides a number of insights into appealing to the 'experienced generations’. He now runs his own company, Skyscraper Consulting, dedicated to helping companies establish firm foundations.

Paula Zuccotti — Ethnographer, Photographer and Trends Forecaster

Paula has a unique eye for spotting emerging trends and working across design, innovation and the visual arts. Her focus on user-centric research has been paramount to her career as an innovation, insights and strategic consultant and her distinctive visual style led her to direct visual campaigns for global brands. Her first book ‘Every Thing We Touch’ documents our relationship with everyday objects and received a great international reception from both the mainstream and specialised media.

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