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Case Studies / Dead Sea Dream

Dead Sea Dream – Brand Strategy for a bath and body care brand based on the benefits of Dead Sea minerals

Founder Louise Lisztman created Dead Sea Dream, a bath and body care brand based on the benefits of Dead Sea minerals.

Louise had worked with a leading laboratory to formulate 7 products and recognised that help was required to fully bring the brand to life, by confirming the brand’s positioning, identifying the target market, clarifying pricing strategy and developing a launch plan that identified the level of investment required to bring the brand to launch.

What did we do?

The Red Tree worked with Louise to complete a Strategic Action Plan that considered the market opportunity, evaluated the brand’s competitive set and defined the brand’s positioning with white space against the competitive landscape. In addition, the retail pricing was determined and a top line marketing plan developed to show activity required pre and post launch. Activity was costed with an investment schedule built to show the required level of spend to achieve business goals, and two sales forecasts were created to show alternative routes to market, and expected return on investment for years 1 – 3 of post launch.

The Strategic Action Plan provided Louise with a high level of insight and information to make a considered choice in routes to market, and the priorities and levels of investment needed to build a long-term sustainable business.

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