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The Beauty Accelerator™: In Conversation with Faace – pt.3

In part 3 of our interview with Faace, we asked Jasmine Wicks-Stephens about the brand’s next steps and what advice she has for those seeking to apply to The Beauty Accelerator™ 2021.

Who was the scariest dragon? The red tree team or sfc capital?

Nobody was scary to be honest, as everyone was probing and engaged but in the best possible way, like they wanted to learn more, not catch me out. If I had to choose then I would say SFC purely for the fact they pressed slightly more on the figures which whilst I have a good handle on, are not so front of mind for me. 

What was your reaction on winning the beauty accelerator?

Shocked, elated, so very happy. It felt like a dream come true and exactly what we needed right now, to drive things forward.  

What happens next for faace?

Building the brand, new products, new partnerships, but all strategically done. We’ve achieved so much with so few products, it’s imperative now that we take the same care and attention over everything else we do too. 

What have you learnt during the process?

To have a little more self-belief in my ability to make Faace successful. And to push things forward, even if it feels scary as you never know what could happen… 

What advice would you give to brands interested in applying for the beauty accelerator in 2021?

Go for it. It’s not scary, it’s actually really fun. And, you never know. I think also, just generally for making a brand successful, make sure you’ve really considered every little detail. If you’ve thought about, scrutinised every decision, then not only will you know your brand inside out, you also can’t go too far wrong it pushing it forward. And that doesn’t have to be alone. Key to Faace’s success is having a large pool of people around me analysing all the details too.  

In case you missed it, read part 1 and part 2 of this interview to learn more about the application and interview process. 

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