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The Beauty Accelerator™: In Conversation with Faace – pt. 2

Last week, we learned about what motivated Jasmine-Wicks-Stephens to apply to The Beauty Accelerator™ and what the application process was like for her. This week we dive deeper into the interview stage and her reaction to winning £150,000 in equity investment and a year-long partnership with The Red Tree.

What was your reaction on being short-listed for the interview stage?

Thrilled and apprehensive. Of course I was extremely pleased to get to this stage but I was also apprehensive as to what would be asked at the interview stage as this wasn’t a situation I’d encountered before.  

How did you prepare for the interview stage?

Just ensuring I was up to speed on all the documents I had produced as part of the application process so I felt prepared to answer all types of questions. 

What was the interview like?

Exciting, very enjoyable, I found all the team to be warm and engaged and it was a pleasure to be able to revisit all of our key milestones and talk about our plans for the future.  

What were your thoughts on your chances of success at this point?

Again, I hoped we’d make it further, but didn’t think we actually would. 

What was your reaction on becoming a finalist?

Thrilled, happy, excited and determined to convey our work to date in the best possible light that I could. 

Did you know or had you heard of any of the other finalists?

Yes, Fussy and I’ve been in touch with a fair bit. We really like and respect each other’s brands and I feel there are synergies towards our approaches. Centered I’d seen a lot on social and thought was a cool concept and also Glaize I’d seen and was intrigued by its innovation.  

Next week we will be revealing part 3 of The Red Tree’s interview with Jasmine Wicks-Stephens – Founder of Faace. Stay tuned to find out who she thought was the scariest dragon and for the advice she has for those thinking of applying to The Beauty Accelerator™ 2021. 

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