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My Role & Background

I'm a Brand Manager at The Red Tree with a background in cosmetic chemistry as well as freelance editorial and copywriting.

My advice for newcomers of the beauty industry

"Try different fields before picking your niche, and use those experiences to power your choice."

What upcoming events or opportunities are you looking forward to?

The Metaverse as it presents a huge opportunity across communications and creates a push for innovation. I am also super excited to begin working in partnership with British Beauty Council Future Talent Programme and empower the next generation of STEM.

Who do you think does beauty branding well?

I’m torn between Tom Ford as the king of branding, because his campaigns will never go undefeated. However, Alessandro was a close second for me with Gucci Beauty. They have merged their unique style with quirk (e.g. the 2019 lipstick campaign)

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