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What have people been searching for in 2022?

To get you thinking for the new year, we’ve rounded up the top beauty searches from 2022 (data collected from Spate, December 2022).

Overall, interest in the beauty industry peaked with over 46 million beauty related searches (hair, skincare, makeup) in a single month.


+69.8% Year-over-year growth on searches for scalp serums

With more openness surrounding hair struggles than ever before, more people acknowledging that their scalp is skin, and the continual rise of the skintellectual consumer, interest has peaked for scalp care products. 2022 has not only seen hair care brands launch in the scalp space, it has also seen skin care giants, Dr Barbara Sturm and Augustinus Bader, launch into the market too.



22.9K Average monthly searches for SPF tinted moisturisers

Though hybrid beauty products have been around in beauty for a while, 2022 was the year of tinted SPFs. In general, we saw light, radiant, sheer formulas that adhered to the desire for that ‘no-makeup-makeup’ look.


+80.3% Year-over-year growth on searches for bronzer sticks

Searches for bronzer sticks soared in 2022, driven by demand for straight forward, easy to use and multitasking products (with the added benefit of taking up little space in a makeup bag). Stick formats are saturating the makeup market beyond bronzers, as well as in the skincare market with SPF sticks.

What we’re taking from the search data

  • Emphasising simple, multi-use and well designed functionality of products continues to resonate with consumers.
  • As the ‘skinification’ of hair continues, skincare trends and innovations should be brought to the forefront of the hair care category.
  • The skintellectual consumer remains prominent, with beauty consumers continuing to value education around their skin health.
  • With over 46 million beauty related searches in one month, interest in the sector remains high. However, consumer behaviours will shift with the economic challenges we are facing. Brands will need to consider how their product assortment and communication strategy can satisfy the nuanced needs of their consumer base.

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