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Unpacking the Unique Brand Strategy of Isamaya Beauty

Isamaya Ffrench is a renowned British makeup artist who has worked with countless celebrities and publications including Vogue, Dazed and W Magazine. In 2020 she was appointed as Creative Director of Byredo Makeup where she developed the line for the brand.

In 2022, Isamaya launched her own brand, Isamaya Beauty, which aims to collaborate with a collective of acclaimed artists to 'further stretch the limitations of beauty, offering a series of technical and innovative performance products to create an inclusive and creatively free environment for everyone to join.'

Her first collection featured makeup products inspired by the aesthetics of BDSM.

What makes the strategy interesting?

Isamaya has taken a very interesting approach to her brand by developing it with pure disruption in mind, rather than trying to conform to a specific target market, trend or established path. Too often we see brands launch with strong USPs, only to quickly lose their way. They develop products which no longer adhere to their values and instead produce copycat or similar versions of products already on the market. When planning NPD, we always refer back to a brands original strategy, positioning and values to reaffirm what we are trying to achieve and future proof the brand.

Will the strategy be successful long-term?

Brands cannot completely ignore consumer needs. Isamaya will have targeted those who do not fit into the typical mainstream demographic, but even that niche will have expectations and time will tell if she has enough momentum to cater long-term.

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