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The Red Tree Catch Up – December 2017

Welcome to our last catch up of the year!

It has been a fantastic 2017 at The Red Tree. We have been delighted to work with amazing brands, our team has expanded and we have rounded off the year with a feature in Raconteur – The Beauty Economy, published in The Times.

We believe 2018 will be a year of very fast change in the beauty industry.
In this month’s newsletter we have published our top 7 beauty predictions for next year; five from ourselves, one from Kelly Kovack BeautyMatter and one from Imogen Matthews The Premium Market Report.

We would like to wish all of our clients (past and present), contacts and followers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at The Red Tree!


The ASA is tightening up on undeclared paid for content on social media. This is going to present a challenge to the ‘authenticity’ of influencers. More will have to consider alternative ways to maintain a voice that feels authentic but still allows them to monetize their reach. We predict even more blogger product lines!


Recent data shows that more beauty consumers choose natural due to an aversion to toxic ingredients rather than a belief in the ‘power of plants’. As we exit the EU consumers face uncertainty about legislation protecting them. Expect these heightened concerns to result in growth for ‘Free From’ brands.


Oral Health will see strong growth and come to be recognised as a serious category in its own right. With wellness being so integral to the beauty industry now, it is only a matter of time before Oral Health starts to see an upside on this increased focus on health.


Move over K Beauty, 2018 is all about J Beauty! Korea’s complex routines can prove unachievable for the time pressed, but when looking for trends in the industry eyes are still east. Japan’s simpler routines look set to drive interest in the wave of new brands coming to the UK from Japan.


As brands and retailers ramp up their pursuit of the ‘Millennial’ consumer it is inevitable that this generation’s desire to express their individuality will come to drive NPD. Whilst fully bespoke products might remain prohibitively expensive, expect more lower priced products that lend themselves to personalisation and customisation.


“Can 2018 be the year that the beauty industry finally acts to take advantage of the growth potential of consumers over 50? Age appropriate models in advertising are important, but only the start. What is needed is a commitment by big brands to educate those working in product development, packaging, marketing, PR, digital – and on the shop floor – to focus wholeheartedly on creating great beauty products and experiences that meet mature consumers’ needs and that they will pay for.”
Imogen Matthews, Beauty Industry Commentator & Author of The Premium Market Report.


Consolidation, diversion, commoditization and corporate giants have gutted the professional channel, but there is hope. The seismic change that is occurring in beauty and retail will begin to evolve the professional channel as well. Stylists will once again become the heart of the hair industry. There is a movement bubbling up around the culture of hair artistry, rebuilding community and a renewed focus on education. Individual stylists will be the impetus for change using their love of hair and massive social followings to force the dialogue. This may be a case of revolution not evolution but the professional channel is not dead. However, business as usual just might be.”
Kelly Kovack, principal of Brand Growth Management and CEO of BeautyMatter.

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