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The Beauty Accelerator™: In Conversation with Fussy

Fussy is a convenient and effective deodorant brand tapping into an accelerating trend of refillable beauty products that reduce single use plastic consumption. As one of the winners of The Beauty Accelerator™ 2020, we asked Eddie Fisher and Matt Kennedy a few questions about their application experience.

1. How did you hear about the beauty accelerator™?

We’d been deep diving in all corners of the internet to find initiatives that support early stage personal care brands and to our delight, we stumbled across The Beauty Accelerator™.  

2. Why did you apply to the beauty accelerator™? What made this the right time for your brand? Had you previously considered funding? What made tba the right for you?

At the time we knew we needed funding to grow fussy and get the exposure we need, but The Beauty Accelerator™ was an opportunity to get more than financial support, we could get a wealth of expertise in the cosmetic category.  

3. What were your expectations of your chances of success before applying?

We believe in our product, but being early stage, we thought we might be at a disadvantage.. It was a long shot, but we threw everything at it.

4. How was the actual application process and the completion of the application form? Was there anything you were unsure of or needed to prepare in advance?

The application process definitely opened talking points between us that we needed to iron out, but generally speaking, the process was more fluid than we anticipated.

This is part 1 of a three-part interview with Fussy. Stay tuned for part 2 to find out about The Beauty Accelerator™’s interview process and how Eddie and Matt prepared for it.

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