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The Beauty Accelerator™: In Conversation with Fussy – pt.2

This week we asked Matt and Eddie – founders of Fussy – what the interview stage was like for them and how they felt being one of the finalists.

What was your reaction on being short-listed for the interview stage?

We need to get our pitch watertight! We knew the difference this could make to our business’s success so we did everything in our power to make sure we were as prepared as we could be.

How did you prepare for the interview stage?

We interviewed each other over endless Zoom calls, each time trying to catch each other out, until we were pitch ready. Even then, we still got caught out on some questioning.

What was the interview like?

Far more conversational then we were expecting, we used it was an opportunity to go into more of the granular detail around fussy.

What were your thoughts on your chances of success at this point?

The competition was seriously good, an array of established businesses with great visions, being pre-launch ourselves, we knew we were on the back foot, so we weren’t holding our breath. To succeed we knew we needed to step it up a notch.

What was your reaction on becoming a finalist?

We were pumped. It installed more confidence in our product too. Yes, we validated the market with Kickstarter, but to have two highly respected companies like SFC and The Red Tree selecting us as finalists gave us a real boost.  

Did you know or had you heard of any of the other finalists?

We know Faace and their founder Jasmine. Face is a brand we really admire so we felt particularly honored to have won The Beauty Accelerator alongside side Faace.

How was the actual final?

It was a great process, much more friendly than we anticipated. Of course, there were challenging questions, some that we weren’t prepared for, but we felt like we navigated our way through it well overall. It didn’t feel like a grilling which was a relief.

Stay tuned for part 3 of our interview with Fussy to find out who Matt and Eddie thought was the scariest dragon and the advice they have for those thinking of applying to the The Beauty Accelerator™ 2021. 

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