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Rise of the Skincare Sector in the Cosmetic Industry

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This article was first published by Orean.

Are you keeping up with the latest trends in the cosmetic industry? Within the skincare sector of the cosmetic industry, we’re spotting a trend that new and upcoming beauty brands are seizing. They’re taking this opportunity to mold their products by listening to exactly what their audience want from their favourite brands.

Additionally, the skincare sector of the cosmetic industry is continuing to see a shift towards organic, natural based ingredients in products. This has particularly grown in consumer interest in the last couple of years as society moves towards a more eco-aware state. 

Another huge skincare trend consumers are wanting from their products are visible changes in their appearance, whether that’s a reduction in wrinkles, getting rid of the dark circles underneath their eyes, or brightening their appearance; whatever it may be, consumers want quick results.

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The instant fix generation

In a world where social media heavily influences young people today, this has had a massive impact on their perception of beauty. However, what was once desired, a flawless appearance, nowadays, we’re seeing a shift in attitudes to many embracing the skin that they’re in. In this shift, we can see that skincare has seen a surge in growth as people are more health-conscious.

This is why there has been a boom in the skincare sector of the cosmetic industry, because people are looking for the next best product that’ll offer them health benefits, on top of the visual results. Consumers opt for quality, skincare products that are going to give them the fix they desire. From moisturisers, serums, mists, and face oils this cosmetic industry trend is definitely here to stay, as young people are becoming more invested in their beauty regime, health, and appearance.

Investing in introducing quality skincare products to your range, will enable you to attract new faces and your business will grow and blossom. Taking the time to research the upcoming trends will always ensure you’re ahead of the competition in the cosmetic industry. Our Orean experts are consistently in the loop with the latest trends, ensuring bespoke, premium products for each of our clients that are always two steps ahead of the competition.

Key ingredients in successful skincare products

The skincare sector growth gives brands a clear direction about where they need to take their skincare ranges. So, how would you ensure that your product will create visible results for your consumers? Easy, all you’d need to do is get in touch with leading experts in the cosmetic industry (that’s us!) who will take care of the science.

Orean is a certified, award-winning cosmetics manufacturer and they have all the knowledge and technological expertise into the ins and outs of premium skincare and haircare product creation. Product creation takes pride of place in the top beauty outlets across the globe, which really highlights the success of the products they create. Especially in the cosmetic industry, the competition is strong amongst the skincare sector.

There are specific ingredients included for certain skincare products. For example, in anti-wrinkle products, you’ll find hydroxy acids (AHA) that exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. This stimulates the growth of smooth and pigmented skin. Additionally, tea and grape seed extracts are commonly used in anti-wrinkle creams as they obtain anti-inflammatory qualities.

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For products that reduce dark circles under the eyes, the crucial ingredients would be Vitamin C and K, as they deplete free radicals, brighten the skin and boost collagen. Vitamin K additionally comes with its own superpower in being a potent antioxidant too.

There are plenty of ingredients involved in the successful recipe of skincare products, which always require an expert in the matter to ensure your products are reliable, certified, and more importantly trusted by the consumer. Being trustworthy and authentic is key to success, as interestingly enough word of mouth recommendations have always been and will always be an incredibly successful form of marketing; especially in the cosmetic industry.

Rise of the skincare sector in the cosmetic industry

There has been a boom in the cosmetic industry in the last decade which immediately tells us how big this market is. This means that by staying ahead of the trends, your business will stand out amongst the rest. Defining their wants and needs will ensure the perfect product is provided.

Keeping tabs on what your consumers want, staying up to date with every trend, and being ahead of the curve will maintain the success of your brand.

If you’re searching for trusted skincare manufacturers, who know the ins and outs of the cosmetic industry, then we’re the one for you. At Orean Personal Care, they’ve crafted bespoke, premium products at award-winning brands such as Vogue, Harvey Nichols, Sephora, and Boots. In each product, Orean experts pour their passion into your own brand; from product development to distribution we equip you with everything you need for success. Your brand could be next hitting the shelves in the top beauty international beauty outlets. For more information on Orean, please visit their website here

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