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What is the biggest pain point for founders during the design process?

I think that some brand founders come to the process with lots of ideas on how they think their brand will look or feel but don't always know how to communicate it within a brief. Because branding, like art, is such a subjective thing, I think they often aren't sure how they will end up with a brand identity that they love the look and feel of, which will also work within the market from a professional POV. Collaboration and engagement with stakeholders from the project's inception is hugely critical. By closely working with them, we ensure a solid foundation through a clear and thoughtful creative brief.

What are the key considerations to get the best out of the design process?

Understanding that a brand is more than a logo and packaging. It is often the idea behind the brand and how that underpins across all elements which is key to a successful brand.

I think a clear brief that is based on strategy and research, is so important so that we are all on a clear journey throughout the process and make decisions based on that.

What is something founders underestimate during the design process?

How much they can be involved. I think that initially, they come in a little apprehensive on how we are going to able to get what is in their head to transcend into a physical brand, while still feeling like it is their ‘baby’.

We understand the importance of creating a design process that has successfully empowered founders to feel a part of the journey whilst leaning on our expertise to guide, inspire and deliver.

What is a brand you feel is impressive?

I find it very hard to choose one brand, as my answer varies depending on the aesthetic, the story, the sector etc.

At the moment within the beauty sector, I think that SBTRCT is a good example of a brand that has a very clear story that is amplified through its name, logo, visual communication, brand voice and all aspects of the identity.

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