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Flower Power: Skincare Innovation with Flower Stem Cells

Flower stem cells are an innovative ingredient in the beauty industry. They deliver antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to support healthy aging. By supercharging the skin’s metabolic process, these botanical extracts not only improve skin health, but its appearance. 


These extracts are often derived from the stem cells of Edelweiss, Iris, Lilac, and Alpine Rose flowers. Though distinct in activity, it is likely that human stem cells were the inspiration behind the introduction of flower stem cells in cosmetics. 


Flower stem cell extracts are thought to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are also believed to help protect the skin from environmental damage and improve overall skin texture and tone.


Which brands stand out in this space?


Eadem Skincare delivers sakura (cherry blossom) and Japanese angelica root stem cell extracts within their formulations designed for Black and ethnic skin. By delivering extracts which promote skin regeneration, reduce inflammation, and protect against environmental stressors, key targets for diverse skin types are supported.


Revive Skincare combines a variety of extracts in their products, including rose, grape, and Swiss apple stem cells. Optimised through their unique Bio-Renewal Technology which enhances efficacy, their products promote skin regeneration, reduce inflammation, and protect against environmental stressors.



Grown Alchemist blends extracts to help promote cell regeneration and to protect the skin against environmental stressors. The Aussy clean beauty brand uses a unique delivery system tto ensure that the active ingredients in their products are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin. This helps to maximize the effectiveness of the flower stem cell extracts and other natural ingredients in their formulations.


How can brands get involved with flower stem cells?

Flower stem cells are worth exploring for beauty companies looking to create new and effective skincare products. Brands can implement flower-based ingredients, such as flower stem cell extracts, into their formulations for innovation in several ways:

By implementing these strategies, brands can leverage flower-based ingredients to create innovative formulations that offer unique skincare benefits, differentiate themselves in the market, and provide consumers with effective and appealing products.

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