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Emerging Trend: “Skincare For Hair”

This article originally appeared on Pretty Analytics.

Sarirah Hamid is the founder of Pretty Analytics, a beauty trend insights and forecasting service, that focuses on analysing and visualising qualitative data to map out and define the future beauty trends that will drive the industry forward. “Skincare for hair” is an emerging hair care trend that draws heavily on inspiration from the fast growing skincare sector. Whilst a recurring theme within the Hair Future Forecast, this article aims to pick apart this trend and zoom in on key focus points.


As this quickly adopted name suggests, it’s all about implementing the attitudes and innovations popular in the skincare world into hair care. This an umbrella term which incorporates:

  • The introduction of the multi-step hair care routine which branches out into the specific focus on scalp care (of which is growing rapidly).
    The growth of the hair mask sector (Chapter 5 of the Hair Future Forecast) and the early signs of “multi-masking for hair”.
  • Formulations and ingredients most notable in our skincare routines finding their way into shampoos, hair masks and scalp serums. This includes transformative textures (such as gel to oil), more sophisticated cleansing rituals and ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and and collagen.
  • Stemming from innovative textures, traditional hair care product types will multiply into the likes of hair essences, mists and serums to mimic some facial skincare steps.

Trend type

For simplicity’s sake we will often refer to this as an “emerging trend” but we define it as an “innovative shift” which will inspire and evolve the global hair care sector over the next 7 years regardless of terminology. We expect this to split up into specific niche trends over the years to cater for consumer demands across time frames.

Behaviors + aesthetics

Whilst this trend has an arsenal of formulations and skincare to fuel its fire, it is worth noting:

  • In the behavioural shift towards more customised and minimal beauty routines, a multi-step hair care routine is unlikely to ever gain traction with a “10-step” approach. Instead ask the question: “how can this skincare texture or ingredient be effective for the hair or scalp”?
  • It’s exciting to see the hair care aisles expand with variety but the “less is more” sentiment is not going anywhere when it comes to consumer attitude. This is why we will be watching how the hair mask sector evolves (and will keep you in the loop, of course) to look at hair multi-masking and 2in1 products. The latter of which we’ve seen recently adopted by dry shampoo.
  • The concept of bringing self-care into the hair sector (something we discuss in Chapter 1 of the Hair Future Forecast) will hold different values and implementation than what cleansing rituals and face yoga do for skincare. A growing area of whitespace for salons to raise the bar on.
  • At the moment it’s easier to build the “skincare approach” into luxury hair care particularly as we look at more innovative application techniques for hair colour touch-ups, waterless delivery systems and botanical ingredients. Hair products tend to be of greater volume which will affect how quickly some of the more sophisticated formulations adapt to mass market offerings.
  • Don’t disregard some of the newer emerging skincare trends and how to adapt them for hair. We consider “microbiome friendly” as a future buzzword and formulations that focus on pH balancing and probiotics for the scalp hold valuable whitespace for brands.

Micellar Shampoo Google Searches

“Most popular in the UK, Netherlands and Canada with Pantene and Nivea leading the way. Keep on the lookout for a subset of “gentle cleansers” designed for those who require frequent hair washing. This will merge well into the athleisure beauty trend.”

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