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Branding Is Your Best Friend – Fuelling Your Purpose, Serving Your Customers

This article is written by Julie Hucker, Brand Strategist and Communications consultant for consumer facing brands in the luxury sector around the globe (Americas, EMEA, APAC). Julie is the founder of MYLUXX providing a portfolio of brand development, communications & PR services. With over 15 years of experience and subject matter expertise, she is client-driven and focused on increasing brand awareness and international sales through better relationships, community, strategic brand development and global communications. 

Great brands and businesses bring together all of the essential brand ingredients in a meaningful, emotive way. They often do this with a trusted ambassador, social media influencers, an established community, the right people at every stage of the journey and an incredible brand story with a single mission!

These fundamental elements are found in many successful brands and industries, and are crucial to an exceptional brand strategy.

Besides, by focusing on what makes a business different from the competition, what’s ultimately relevant to your audience and the benefits to an audience’s lives can bring clarity and confidence of purpose.

In life, flourishing businesses and relationships are built on the number one human value – trust. Delivering on your trusted brand promise is everything… and much more. Crafting and sharing that story in the most compelling way cuts through the noise and clutter of the market, and will bring the right audience to you – keeping it simple.

Of course, the trust and confidence placed in your brand over time has to be backed up by the hard work, application of decisive action and inclusion. The delivery of your promise of value plus your unique communication style will enhance and differentiate your brand.

Be inspiring, compelling, aspirational. Make sure that you are authentic and can genuinely connect with your customers and resonate powerfully. This is what sells!

Focus on how the story of your brand and values are presented in the customer journey.

Nurture your customers like your family and, as they embark on this journey, fans, followers and advocates to engage, attract, retain and, ultimately, respond promptly. By better understanding what is important to your tribe and how this impacts your services and products, your community will build, and this will sell your products.

Brand building requires you to go deep, with constant refinement on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, year-on-year, again and again. This refinement process is what it takes to become masters of your brand and it is the best way to build your business to generate income and growth.

Often by reverse engineering your brand strategy, you can dissect and refine this approach to keeping it simple.

Here are some golden brand nuggets that l often refer to and hope that they are helpful:

Build and implement your brand model.

  1. Settle new strategies, structures and processes focusing on the consumer.
  2. Construct a brand identity – build brand power.
  3. Determine an ideal target audience and niche – use your database.
  4. Build a perfect offer (or product ecosystem) for your chosen niche.
  5. Create a lead-generating communication strategy to build life-long relationships.
  6. Craft your brand narrative and story – your social business pitch.
  7. Establish brand positioning and focus on substance.
  8. Ensure ongoing refinement and refreshment of your brand website.
  9. Refresh social media channels and profiles for the future.
  10. Plan the influence and networking strategy: focus on local, national, global.
  11. Assemble your “client attracting” approach (lead generation support).


Reverse engineer this.


If we are to survive, we must continually evolve, maintain and reaffirm a consistent brand story through different media channels, and stay relevant. This ensures that we cultivate brand loyalty and a positive brand experience, long-term sustainability and collaboration, and the universal pursuit of the brand mission.

Reach into the hearts and minds of your audience.

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