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Beauty Trends Impacting the Industry – J Beauty, Men’s Skincare and Social Media

BeautyMatter was born from Founder Kelly Kovack’s desire to provide a fresh voice to a beauty industry hungry for more content from her perspective, and through her lens. BeautyMatter aim to fill the void, connect the dots, and provide an informed, analytical, and compelling point of view. Exploring limits and blurring boundaries, they offer highly curated news and original content by thought leaders and beauty insiders.

In the US alone, the beauty industry is worth $89 billion, making it vital that brand owners and industry executives stay on top of developing trends. While 2018 has already seen its fair share of trends, three new developments promise to take shape throughout the rest of the year. Below, we explore their impact:

The Rise of J-Beauty: A shift in consumer interest from Korean beauty to Japanese beauty forces marketing and product development to adjust. This will likely slow development drastically, considering “J-beauty skincare and cosmetics products often incorporate natural or traditional ingredients,” Marcia Kilgore tells CoreSight Research. Unlike K-beauty, this trend is less about rapid trends and more about the quality of the product. BeautyMatter believes this trend is one to watch and did a deep dive in The Rise of J-Beauty.

Men’s Beauty Goes Mainstream: The categories of men’s haircare, skincare, and cosmetics continue to grow at a rapid rate. Euromonitor International predicts that men’s skincare will grow by 8.8% this year. As more male consumers begin to buy beauty products, brands adjust to new gender norms.

Social Media Influencers Reign: Micro-influencers from Instagram and YouTube use their buying power in the luxury market. “The growing spending power of younger generations that have grown up with social media will likely prompt greater collaboration between upscale beauty brands and influencers,” says CoreSight Research.

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