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3 key beauty industry trends for 2013

The Red Tree CEO, Stirling Murray, shares his predictions for 2013 as guest blogger for Imogen Matthews Associates’ Premium Market Report.

In this guest blog post for Imogen Matthews Associates’ The Premium Market Report, The Red Tree
founder and CEO Stirling Murray predicts 3 key trends set to shape the beauty industry for 2013. In
his post, which quickly became one of the blog’s most read articles, Stirling talks about the growth
potential of home beauty devices, ‘brand bundling’ as a step forward in client retention, and the
importance of web strategy in light of the growth of the online sales market.

“The challenge now for all beauty retailers is how to make shopping exciting, how to offer a different
shopping experience and how to give consumers a ‘real’ reason to buy now,” says Stirling. “That‘real’
reason is nothing to do with what the retailer wants but is all to do with what the customer wants.”

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IMA delivers valuable insights and opinion on the trends that are having the greatest impact on the premium
beauty industry. Established in 1993 by Imogen Matthews, IMA helps Marketers, Retailers and Consultants to
validate their most important strategic decisions through the delivery of expert commentary and analysis on the
beauty market.

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