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The metaverse & the $5 trillion beauty opportunity

The Red Tree is a leading international beauty brand consultancy and a powerhouse of ideas, insight and inspiration. With our high level of beauty expertise and a global client list of major corporates, investors and well-funded start-ups, The Red Tree is the go-to company for strategy, development and implementation.
Discussion about the metaverse and its impact on every aspect of daily life – from socialising to business and commerce – is taking place all around us. The era of the metaverse is here and it is widely accepted to be a transformational next step of the internet, with multiple methods of engagement and an almost limitless variety of usage and application. The current moment is reminiscent of the early days of the commercialisation of the internet, and it feels like it is time to – at the very least – start to get on board or risk being left behind. If your current level of understanding of the metaverse is at beginner level, then The Red Tree’s white paper is for you.


Complete the form below to download the white paper and The Red Tree will introduce key terms, simplify the most salient points and educate those in the beauty community who want to broaden their knowledge of an area that will become increasingly important to the beauty industry.

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