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Case Studies / WeDare

WeDare – UK and German market entry strategy

Gigi Cosmetics Laboratories is a leading professional cosmetics company.

The company has brought together cannabinoids, botanical essences and advanced technologies. The company has developed WeDare Skincare as a 7 SKU retail range based on clean, natural, targeted ingredients that are rooted in science and clinically proven to deliver exceptional results.

The brand recognised the need for an analysis of the UK and German markets, and a plan for how best to enter both markets in order to achieve its strategic and distribution objectives for WeDare.

What did we do?

The Red Tree completed a UK and German Market Analysis and Entry Strategy, that provided a high level of insight and information regarding WeDare's product offer, pricing strategy, brand positioning and routes to market. Priorities and levels of investment to build a long-term, sustainable business were outlined, and a detailed timeline-based roadmap with milestones for pre-launch and post-launch activities were created.

The Result

The work completed by The Red Tree recommended key areas of strategic focus, changes to the original brand positioning and key marketing messages that were required to be in place for WeDare to achieve successful entry into the UK and German markets.

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