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Case Studies / Sleek MakeUP

Sleek MakeUP – Retail strategy for a highly pigmented range of cosmetic products

About Sleek MakeUP

Sleek MakeUP was launched in 1985 and creates a highly pigmented range of products for all skin tones. Inclusivity and diversity has always been at the core of the brand and they continue to champion this today. Following years of success on the UK high street, Sleek MakeUP became part of the Boots family in 2015 and is now sold in 15 countries and over 2,200 stores globally.

Sleek MakeUP was one of The Red Tree’s earliest clients.

A colour cosmetics brand aimed at the Afro-Caribbean market, Sleek was privately owned and sold in informal retailers rather than major national retail chains. Its competition was brands similarly targeting ethnic consumers. It enjoyed strong gross margins, as Sleek MakeUP was one of the first beauty brands to take advantage of manufacturing in China.

What did we do?

The brands founders knew that the route to growth and an eventual sale was to secure listings in major beauty retailers. The Red Tree was engaged by Sleek MakeUP to develop and implement a timed strategic plan to move the brand away from its historical retail environment, and into national distribution through a listing in either Boots or Superdrug.

The strategic plan covered all areas of activity including marketing investment, pricing, promotions, and communication. This enabled the Sleek commercial team to present a detailed listing proposal that was accepted by Superdrug. Following years of success on the UK high street, Sleek MakeUP was acquired by Boots in 2015.

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