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Case Studies / SIDRA

SIDRA – Brand concept creation for a new wellness brand

SIDRA was inspired by the Sidra tree.

Widely celebrated for its ability to thrive in the face of adversity, the SIDRA tree is a symbol of sustenance, determination, and perseverance. SIDRA unites clinically proven and natural ingredients with timeless, efficacious beauty rituals to simplify self-care for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

What did we do?

The brand wished to elevate the brand identity to match the newly identified brand strategy and bring it in line with the brand pillars. The Red Tree followed a detailed creative process which covered a research phase, logo development, brand concept exploration, packaging design and the creation of brand guidelines.

The Result

A coherent brand guideline, which was consistent throughout all touch points and a clear brief for development of packaging. The brand launched successfully with a hugely improved aesthetic. This aesthetic was implemented across product and marketing channels.

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