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Case Studies / KELSEY

KELSEY – Brand tone of voice overhaul


The raspberry is a powerhouse of nourishment for the skin and KELSEY utilises all elements of the plant, from fruit pulp to leaf to seed.
They are the first and only skincare brand to use EZ Rubus ID® (enzymatically activated raspberry seed oil).
The process boosts the effectiveness of the oil by reducing the oil’s molecular size to enable the transportation of vital nourishment to the skin, maximizing the absorption of the powerful additional actives, enhancing the efficacy of the formulation.

A newly established startup brand with a strong, unique ingredient provenance story - KELSEY reflected on their launch tone of voice and wanted to re-align as they felt it had drifted from their vision.

What We Did

A complete review and overhaul of the brand tone of voice that resulted in a re-write of brand story, science philosophy, web copy and supportive articles were created, following regular client workshop meetings, key vocabulary work and brand identity cross-examination.

The brand has now rebranded and restyled, launched new products, augmented their articles on their blog/journal section and has a far more cohesive style, a strapline that is more tangible and a communication of key benefits for all products to enable customer selection.

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