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Case Studies / Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels – UK and EU retail strategy

Katherine Daniels, with its complicit tone of voice and its mission to de-mystify skincare,

has built a professional UK distribution base of 260+ salons. Developed by 2 highly experienced skincare experts, the brand has an award winning SKU offer across both skincare and body and professional and retail.

Katherine Daniels needed a strategy to establish a presence within the appropriate UK retail channels, a stronger ecommerce business and distribution in European markets.

The Red Tree provided a road map for a UK and European retail business, clarity on how the brand will be positioned versus competitors and assess the merits of retail channels. This included a framework for the level of investment and resource needed to support the brand. The plan also consisted of a review and recommendations for a stronger web site contribution. An objective of the strategy was to allow Katherine Daniels to reach an informed decision on the financial viability of each route to market so that it could choose with confidence the appropriate selective and exclusive retail partners to build a sustainable high quality business.

After reviewing the strategic work, the brand relaunched its website, invested in internal resources to elevate its own social network channels, and engaged The Red Tree to refresh its brand identity more in line with its long term vision.

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