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Case Studies / Daytox

Daytox – Brand story development for an established skincare brand

Owned by L.A.B Cosmetics, a German incubator of beauty brands, Daytox is an antioxidant-based skincare brand originally developed for an exclusive partnership with the European retailer Douglas.

The Red Tree was engaged by Herax, corporate advisors to L.A.B Cosmetics to evaluate the Daytox brand and identify its key priorities.

What did we do?

To meet its growth ambitions, the Daytox brand needed to develop its brand equity and internal processes. The Red Tree worked with the brand to strengthen its USP’s and to develop a consistent brand story, a task that the brand has attempted many times previously without success.

The Red Tree successfully developed a strong and immediately accepted brand story, as well as defining key priorities for the brand to reach is objectives. Karin Hock co-founder said the following: “It has also been a great pleasure to work with all of you. Many thanks for the truly valuable insights which you developed and shared with us.”

“The Red Tree has been amazing in shaping our brand story and brand concept. They have been a source of inspiration for our company on so many other aspects”

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