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Case Studies / Collistar

Collistar – Digital-first market entry strategy

Collistar is Italy’s No. 1 beauty brand. Founded in Milan in 1983, the brand is owned by the major corporate Bolton Group. Product categories cover facial skincare, body care, cosmetics, haircare, male grooming and sun care. In total there are over 800 SKU’s covering each of the categories.

The brand was evaluating a move to enter the UK market. Acknowledging that the UK market is complex and developed, the brand required an analytical and considered approach to determine the best routes to market and the investment required to do so, including taking a digital first approach.

What did we do?

A review of the current Collistar brand positioning was conducted, with reference to the UK Market. By assessing the status of the brand and its sub ranges, we identified key changes that would be necessary to achieve success in the market. Based on the agreed range, an evaluation of the possible routes to market was completed. This identified the levels of investment needed to build a long-term sustainable business in the UK, covering both digital and physical stores using sales scenarios.

The brand went on to to launch in the UK into Sephora and LookFantastic with the support of a UK PR agency and trade marketing plan, all overseen by The Red Tree.

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