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What is The Red Tree’s proposal process?

The proposal process is a vital part of our working relationship; we get to know each other, understand needs and capabilities, which allows us to create a detailed overview of how we think we can support you.

An overview of the process

Introduction Call

Depending on how you have made contact with us we will reach out to set up a call with you to find out what you are looking for.

Scoping Call

We usually follow up with a more detailed scoping call with one of the consultants.  Before this call we will have signed an NDA so that you can disclose what is needed in confidence. We’re not a consultancy company that restricts the scoping phase to a time limit such as thirty minutes. For us this is a vitally important stage where we need to be fully clear on your project objectives, you also need to be clear on our business, team structure and how we will collaboratively work together on a project once engaged. At this stage we may ask you to provide information that will help us to understand the current positioning of your business or brand. We do that because it helps us to accurately assess what work needs to be done by ourselves and avoid duplication of work already in existence. That being said, we’re adept to working with clients who have nothing apart from an idea on a blank sheet of paper at this stage.

Proposal Draft

Once we are clear on your objectives and requirements, we draft a detailed document which illustrates our approach to the project. This includes some background on the proposal to ensure that we are fully aligned on the task in hand. Following that we outline the key deliverables of the project, we include the timeline of the project as well as fee structure and payment terms.

Proposal Discussion

We always like to discuss a proposal that we have created with the potential client. It helps to explain exactly how the project would be approached and why we have chosen so. Sometimes we will make changes to the proposal draft at this stage based on client feedback.

Proposal approval

Once a proposal is agreed. We will agree the project kick off date and share our formal terms and conditions.

If you’re wondering how long the proposal process takes from start to finish that’s impossible to say. We’ve moved from initial contact to confirmed client engagement in days, at other times the timeline can take years. We are committed to following through this process as quickly as possible, yet also open to being flexible if you need more time, before considering commencing working with us.

The Red Tree is the UK’s leading international beauty brand consultancy and a powerhouse of ideas, insight and inspiration. For an informal discussion on how we might help you, please contact us.

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