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Types of Beauty Marketing

A beauty brand’s marketing strategy can be broken down into 4 categories (although some of the activations will naturally overlap). Regardless of the activity, promoting your beauty business should be a 360º approach, ensuring that each level of the marketing funnel is catered to.

The first category is Consumer Marketing; this includes sampling (the aim of which is to raise awareness and get product into customers hands to convert them to purchase the full-size product. Beauty is very subjective so expect to over-invest in this area). Consumer activations are promotions on your website which drive sales or upsell a purchase – through discounts, gift with purchase (GWP), bundles, etc. Media advertising incorporates anything from PPC to print adverts. Subscription boxes are an easy way to target a new database of already engaged consumers, however they can result in large volumes of samples having to be manufactured, depending on the box.

Digital Marketing is the second category brands should consider; this includes digital advertising (Google AdWords, display adverts, website banners). Influencers can also fall into this category with campaigns such as affiliate schemes. Online competitions are a great way to build your customer database and build awareness. They can also position your brand with other more established brands via collaborations. Finally, paid social media advertising, which can be used for a number of objectives such as building your follower count, driving newsletter sign ups or conversions.

Our third category is Trade Marketing; this is anything you do in conjunction with a retailer. Activity includes GWPs, point of sale (POS), limited edition products/exclusives, promotional displays, offers/promotions, targeted email marketing.

Finally, PR is another major category for brands to consider, even if this is initially carried out internally; this can involve influencer/expert led events, press events, creative mailers, interviews both with trade and consumer press, awards and affiliate press campaigns. Ultimately this should increase your brands reach to a wider beauty network.

All 4 categories should form part of an overarching marketing plan followed by and communicated to any parties who are involved in the activity. The aim of this is to ensure consistency of messaging across all touchpoints of your beauty brand to strengthen, capitalise and monetise exposure.

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