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The Importance Of Supplements With Ingenious Beauty

This post originally appeared on Lookfantastic.

Ingenious Beauty is a unique collagen supplement that uses only 3 natural ingredients – Marine Collagen Peptide, Natural Astaxanthin, and Hyaluronic Acid – give you incredible results. They have secured a patent for their supplement casing, which is the first of its kind in the industry, and have been selected as an Editor’s Choice Winner by the Beauty Shortlist 2018.

We caught up with David and Pupinder, founders of the brand to discuss all things science and skincare…

An interview with ingenious beauty

How did you come up with the idea for Ingenious Beauty?
During a consulting job, Pupinder and I met and started discussing the effects of collagen on joint health. We both thought this could really help people with joint issues, so did a trial. Our findings were very, very interesting, as well as helping with joint health the formula had some rather intriguing side effects, which included healthier skin, nails and hair. We developed Ultimate Collagen +, and then realised that people are looking for a range of products, both supplements and topical preparations, that contribute positively in making the best of their skin and in turn overall well-being. As we mature, our bodies are not able to carry out the same tasks they used to be able to when we were younger. At Ingenious Beauty, we embrace this and see how we can use proven science and research to help our bodies to continue to grow gracefully and beautifully, which is what led to our final supplement!

What is your background in the industry?
We are both newbies to the beauty industry actually! However, we are experts in the pharmaceutical field and know our products have solid science and clinically significant positive results.  Pupinder is a multi-award winning pharmacist, and a consultant to large pharmaceutical companies on product development. He also writes for numerous Pharmacy publications, is a regular guest on BBC Oxford Radio and an entrepreneur. Oh, and he was invited to 10 Downing Street to thank him for his work helping his local community in Oxford!
David has been a consultant to large blue chip organisations for many years. His favourite being the pharmaceutical industry due to the novel ideas and developments that were always popping up. He was instrumental in many mergers and acquisitions, as well as being a key player in implementing various IT and business development strategies.  David has always had a real keen interest in human biochemistry and coming up with the concept of collagen and its holistic benefits on the body, which just so happened to lead us developing one of the most advanced beauty supplements on the planet.

Can you give us a little information into the science behind Ingenious Beauty?
At Ingenious Beauty, we only use natural products that have scientifically proven efficacy for skincare. All of our products will only contain ingredients that will help and have a specific role in your beauty regime. None of our products will ever contain any items that will not have some proven benefit to your well-being; therefore, everything we use has a purpose.

What is the hero ingredient in the supplement?
We don’t have one hero ingredient but a group of super heroes, much like the Avengers: Marine Collagen Peptide, Natural Astaxanthin, and Hyaluronic Acid all bound together within our ‘clever capsule’ which stops them being degraded in the stomach. Think of them as the skincare superheroes!

How is your supplement different from other brands?
It is the only collagen supplement in the world that does not get broken down in the stomach. This means you are getting the highest possible yield of collagen peptide delivered to the places that need it most. We are also the only beauty supplement on the market that contains Natural Astaxanthin which has remarkable protective qualities, including UV and free radical protection.

Why does the supplement need to be taken as part of your lifestyle?
From the age of 25 you start to lose the ability to replace the collagen and hyaluronic acid in your body leading to the inevitable ageing process; this is compounded by UV damage. Ultimate Collagen+ helps restore your levels but only while you are taking it. Unfortunately, about 30 days after you stop taking Ultimate Collagen+ the degradation cycle restarts. To avoid this you should keep taking the supplement.

What age should you start taking the supplement from?
We know that from the age of 25 you lose about 1% to 1.5% of your collagen and hyaluronic acid per year; although some recent evidence suggests that this process actually start at about 18 and accelerates as you age. At around 35 the difference in levels starts to show. So we would definitely say from 35 but earlier will act as a preventative measure so you may well look younger for longer.

Do you have any exciting plans for NPD?
We have some very exciting and novel products in the pipeline. These will all follow our ethos of ‘perfecting beauty science’ and a totally no compromise approach to clinical effectiveness and purely natural ingredients. We have more supplements and also topical products on the way. These are going to be very special – watch this space!

What do you think the secret to beauty is?
This may sound quite poetic, but we believe beauty comes from within, both emotionally and physically. At Ingenious Beauty, we take a holistic look at beauty. Creams are important, but you must also be aware of what you put into your body and as we age, we can all do with a little extra help. Hence put the right things into your body and on it and the secret of beauty is revealed.

What are your top 3 reasons for someone taking Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+?

  • To make your skin look and feel amazing.
  • To reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • To improve your wellbeing holistically, oh and your hair and nails will look amazing too!

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