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Is The Answer Plant-Based Alternatives?

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While animal-derived ingredients are on the rise, these don’t cater to the huge potential for vegan beauty. Is the answer plant-based alternatives?

Collagen peptides and bone broth, derived from animals, have been seen of late in some beauty brand’s efforts to respond to personal care concerns including hair loss, brittle nails, undereye shadows, and wrinkles.

But cruelty-free and vegan claims have also been very much on the rise, and consumers are increasingly rejecting products that contain ingredients that use animals in any way (this can even include honey and beeswax). This means animal-derived protein is definitely a no-no.

One obvious alternative is plant-based protein products, which are increasingly popular in the wellness trend within the food industry.

Michelle Teodoro, Mintel’s Global Food Science and Nutrition Analyst, is one expert suggesting this is a space that holds potential for beauty​.

From food to face: moving across industries

Teodoro explains in a recent Mintel​ overview how the trend for plant-based protein has travelled over from the food industry.

“The plant-based protein trend first started in the food and drink industry, with brands promoting functional benefits such as energy-boosting, high-protein and weight-loss effects​,” she explains.

“Today, we are also seeing the promotion of beauty benefits in plant-based food, drink and supplements, like that of Dope Naturally’s range of products, as well as Burt’s Bees range of plant-based protein shakes.

Active beauty element

While the extreme femininity of popular icons like Kim Kardashian is obviously still a powerful trend in beauty, some women are increasingly moving away from this towards more gender neutral or even traditionally masculine styles.

This is something Teodoro notes.

“Women are open to the idea of the female beauty ideal moving towards concepts like ‘Strong is the new Skinny’ or ‘Girls with Guns’, which have been all over social media​,” she explains.

“Mintel’s 2017 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trend ‘Active Beauty’ predicted that consumers would be encouraged to exercise their bodies and brains, and how beauty brands are now formulating products to help them in pursuing health and fitness goals.​”

As a result, the market expert suggests that plant-based proteins have the opportunity to flourish in beauty-boosting foods, drinks, and supplements.

An experienced journalist, Lucy Whitehouse has worked across corporate and national news publications for both print and digital media. Having reported on beauty for several years, she has developed particular expertise in covering both the Asia and European markets and has also evolved her expertise into events. 

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