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My Role

My role is developing brand concepts and creatives, and I've been working at The Red Tree since 2014.

What are your favourite brands at the moment?

I love the elegance in the design of Fenty, which has an attention to detail that I think works so well. I love their ethos on inclusivity and that they have really thought about it as genuine core value and it is intertwined with all their messaging. I love a brand with a story and I think this is a great one. I also really like some of the smaller, more niche brands, that have a clever and strong message through out – SBTRCT is a good example.

What is something you are looking forward to?

Seeing some of our amazing clients launch their brands in the next few months, they have been real labours of love and I can’t wait to see them shared within the beauty world and watch them grow. Within the beauty world, I think the energy created in social media around body acceptance and embracing our uniqueness, is an exciting time for brands to truly empower their customer and break outside the historical constraints of beauty marketing and be much more inclusive. I am looking forward to continuing to help our clients find their voice and be a part of this movement and growth.

What advice would you give to brand founders?

Trust the people you have chosen to help you represent your brand, find the team that truly understands your passion and allow them to help you bring your vision to life. Design wise: think outside just the logo/colour/typography; ensure your brand has depth and a story.

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