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My Role & Background

I'm an Assistant Brand Manager working predominantly on strategic projects and The Red Tree's digital marketing.

What are you most looking forward to over the coming months and beyond?

This year we have already launched a Founder Hub and Female Fundraising series with some really educational, practical and inspiring content. We are now looking ahead to the wealth of content that we are producing at The Red Tree, harnessing the many years of industry experience of our team members. Over the years we have identified particular pain points and knowledge gaps faced by beauty industry investors, founders and enthusiasts alike –  through gaining wisdom from our wonderful team, the ever-expanding content hub addresses these questions and more.

My Favourite Beauty Product

I'm loving Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant at the moment. As someone with extremely sensitive, eczema prone skin, it's one of the only exfoliators (physical or chemical) that I can use regularly - and one bottle goes a really long way!

What is your advice to someone seeking a career in the beauty industry?

I have always loved beauty, but was never sure it could become a career. Having joined The Red Tree straight from university, I would say to those in a similar position to me, spend some time looking at roles your favourite companies are offering – there are so many wings of the industry that I didn’t know about in the beginning. Also, take any opportunity to learn about the beauty industry, whether thats listening to podcasts, through your university work, or working in beauty retail – it all helps you to demonstrate your passion when starting out your career.

The Red Tree is the UK’s leading international beauty brand consultancy and a powerhouse of ideas, insight and inspiration. For an informal discussion on how we might help you, please contact us.

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