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What is one of the biggest pain points faced by beauty founders?

Not knowing when to hand over parts of the business to those who are more experienced. It can be (understandably) very difficult for founders to delegate parts of their business to third party agencies or even other members in their team. However the role of the founder (especially when consumer-facing) needs to revolve around directing the company in a strategic way to promote and drive the brand's mission, rather than the operational aspects of the brand.

What is something brands need to consider when creating a digital strategy?

Brands need to strike a balance between staying true to their values and what their target market want to see. We often see brands play it too safe on social and their content becomes too stagnant. For example, if you are a serious, science-driven skincare brand, you can still provide content in an entertaining yet educational way without becoming boring.

What is something you have found that brands often overlook?

Many brands are too focused on the bottom line and driving sales at retail. Brands need to be increasing consumer demand and brand awareness at the top of the funnel in order to reap the rewards.

What is a brand you think has an impressive strategy?

Gisou is an impressive brand to analyse. They have turned their brand from 1 SKU to a whole range of products without losing their "cult" following. Every campaign is launched with an aesthetic lens and they keep engagement high with the use of UGC (user-generated content), competitions and pop ups, all while retaining a "family business" attribute.

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