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In your experience, what is one of the biggest pain points faced by beauty founders?

A lot of brand founders struggle with understanding that their target consumer doesn't always match with their actual consumer. It's a pattern I first noticed when working with international high-street retailers who were making products with one consumer in mind but were actually dealing with a demographic that was quite different.

What is something brands need to consider when creating their NPD strategy?

Product development is never easy and is very rarely predictable. Typically, people focus on the supply chain aspect of NPD to meditate as many risks as possible, which is very important.

I would say focusing on products that are authentic and impactful. A lot of the time we limit this to branding, but I always work to truly integrate the consumer’s needs into the product across every level i.e. packaging, ingredients and function.

What is something often overlooked by brands during product development?

Picking the right manufacturing partner.I like to think of the manufacturing selection process like courting, you have to spend enough time making sure they’re the right partner and then gradually work together to build a sense of trust and accountability.

When it comes to product development, there are intricacies within the process to be aware of which can have logistic, financial, legal and operational implications.

What is a brand you think has an impressive strategy?

The Unseen Beauty. Their approach to product truly embodies innovation. The company leans on their founder, Lauren's material science expertise to create cutting-edge formulas that change the way we understand and interact with colour.

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