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Hot trends that will shape the future of beauty markets

This week, Imogen Matthews delivers some more insights from the In-Cosmetics show in Paris, which she considers to be crucial to the development of the beauty markets.

Look East for inspiration and future trends

The following trends are already big in South East Asia and impacting on new product development. Europe will be next.

Lack of Time:

Japanese consumers have long commutes and work very long days –they are constantly looking for beauty solutions that save time. Here are two ideas:

*A moisturising micro mist that can be applied over make-up
*Skincare that works when you are asleep to restore and recharge the skin.

Asia brought us the BB and CC Creams. Asian consumers now want everything to be multi-functional. New formulations will enable this functionally, such as gels that can be used instead of lotions, creams, primers, foundations and masks.

Positive Ageing:

In China, age is seen as an accomplishment and the government actively promotes sport and other activities amongst the elderly.

Leading multinational brands SKII and Shiseido embrace older women in advertising. Shiseido uses Maedia Bibari, a 60 year old model, in images portraying her as she was in 1966 and now. It’s clever marketing: promoting products to the over 60s whilst showing today’s 20-somethings the value in using good skincare from an early age.

Look to medicine for skincare innovation

Are cream and lotion formulations becoming outdated? The alternative is foams, which can deliver active ingredients to the skin, just as they do in medicines. Another big advantage of foams is that they easily cover large areas so are great for body products too.

5-FU is a topical chemotherapy treatment drug against skin cancer, which has been shown to have serious anti-ageing benefits. Watch out for the skincare capabilities of a new drug called Picato® gel, which is self-administered by the patient onto the affected areas of the skin.

Furthermore, the benefits are visible after just two to three days. Isn’t that what all consumers want?

AminoFill –the new anti-ageing active ingredient has been shown to deliver a rapid volumizing effect deep in the skin to visibly reduce deep facial lines and wrinkles. Avon Anew Clinical Pro-Line Eraser has AminoFill in small concentrations. Higher concentrations for skincare are on the horizon.

Impulse buying and the online world

There are 4 steps to an impulse buy:


Easy when you’re out shopping, but how can online retailers attract passing customers?

Retailers across the world are bringing their store out to the consumer. Tesco is trialing a concept in a UK airport and a bus stop in South Korea, where consumers can click on products displayed on large screens. The products are delivered to their homes later.

Same day delivery {Net-a-Porter} is appealing to the impulse customer who wants her beauty products now. Ebay Now is even claiming to deliver in as little as an hour.

Amazon Locker is a new concept which is going international. Consumers order online and the product/s are delivered to a locker near where they work or live. It’s ideally suited to small items, such as cosmetics. No more staying in waiting for the delivery man.

The future of product ordering/information will be that anything can be accessed anytime and everywhere. Anywhere you see a barcode, QR code or digital watermark you will be able to access that product and get it delivered directly to you.

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