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Herax Partners – Insights for Investment and M&A – Part 2: E-Commerce and Social Media

Between 2015 and 2022, the e-commerce sector in the beauty industry experienced an impressive growth, almost quadrupling its size.

This trend has been particularly evident during 2020 and 2021. Initially, e-commerce was projected to experience gradual growth throughout 2020, but the pandemic accelerated this growth to the extent that a year’s worth of progress was achieved in just three months.

A noteworthy 82 percent of the population now accesses the internet, with 52 percent specifically going online for shopping purposes.

Although still comparatively modest compared to more developed markets, this marks an improvement from the pre-pandemic figure of 48 percent. Currently, e-commerce accounts for over 20 percent of the beauty market share, and there is still ample room for further expansion.

The e-commerce sector is steadily expanding and by investing in strong e-commerce infrastructure, localised digital marketing initiatives and ensuring seamless customer experiences, brands can greatly enhance their visibility and growth prospects in the Middle East.

The Red Tree has partnered with investment banking firm, Herax Partners, to produce a set of articles providing deep analysis and commentary on beauty investment in the region. Read more here.

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