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Does The Red Tree work with markets outside the UK?

When it comes to deciding where a brand should distribute, there are many options to consider. We would recommend a brand commence trade within its home market, where it has the most knowledge of its customer and has the added benefit of localised resources.

There are also benefits to operating outside of your home market should the appeal of where your brand is manufactured or designed be of an attractive offering to other markets. For example, according to a report by Barclays Corporate Banking, ‘Made in Britain’ commands a higher premium in new and emerging markets and the UAE, India and China in particular are prepared to pay more for British-made goods.

“Consumers in populous, far-flung markets are prepared to pay most for British-made goods. Those in India lead the way, being prepared to pay an 11.8% gross premium for products made here, followed by the UAE (10.9%), the USA (10.4%), South Africa (9.6%) and China (8.8%).”

However, the beauty market is very much global. A good indication for brands as to where they should expand distribution can be revealed by offering worldwide shipping on a brand’s own ecommerce platform. By combining and reviewing website traffic, conversions and social media insights, brands can start to form a picture of where their next distribution avenue should be.

Once a new geographical focus is determined, a careful strategy will need to be planned, to ensure assets are invested wisely to support long-term success.

The Red Tree is an international beauty brand consultancy with a global network. Our experience and expertise allow us to make informed decisions and help brands with their international expansion strategy, including detailed analysis of markets and their retail opportunities. Our case studies demonstrate how we have executed these strategies in the past. If your brand is unsure of how to progress, contact us to find out how we can help.

The Red Tree is the UK’s leading international beauty brand consultancy and a powerhouse of ideas, insight and inspiration. For an informal discussion on how we might help you, please contact us.

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