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BeautyMatter: 2020 Beauty Deal Wrap Up – Investment + M&A

As the dust begins to settle and we look to the vaccine to provide a way out of this crisis, there is still a long road ahead. The pandemic delivered a core shaking blow to the world as we knew it—collectively we will emerge transformed. Whether this transformation is positive or negative it will be largely defined by circumstance and perspective but make no mistake—our post-pandemic world will be vastly different. In a June McKinsey & Co. study, research found that 75% of consumers tried a new shopping behavior since COVID-19 started, with 73% of those who tried a different shopping method or brand intending to continue. Read the full article on

For the past several years, the global beauty market has seen annual growth of around 5.5%, while the prestige segments’ rate of expansion has been higher at around 6% to 7%. Many industry watchers predict declines in the 20% range at least for 2020, although this varies by category, channel, and market.

2020 has been an unprecedented year in all dimensions. The year has challenged all principles we knew on how businesses and investments operate, and we’ve observed the year go from the deepest, sudden dip in the markets back in March to one of the most impressive rallies in Q4 in both private and public markets with IPOs, SPACs, funding rounds, and valuations. This will have a clear impact on the forecasts for 2021, and how executives, founders, and investors will approach the coming year.

  1. Consumers have experienced deep shifts in their values and behaviors
  2. We are entering a new innovation cycle
  3. This will be an investor market with a boom in activity

Brand and investors alike have never been through anything like the time in which we are living. The companies that will shape the next decade or two are being incubated now.

The 2020 Beauty Deals: Investment + M&A Report: BeautyMatter compiles the only report providing a comprehensive overview of deal activity in the beauty and wellness ecosystem, supported unique insights, trends, and analysis. We’ve put in the time, heavy lifting, and due diligence on all the activity for 2020 you.

Investors: If you’re an active or interested investor in the space we’ve compiled the most comprehensive reporting of activity across the beauty and wellness ecosystem.

Brands: If you’re in fundraising mode or contemplating an exit and looking for a list of investors active in the space, we’ve got you covered.

For a complete overview of all of the beauty and investment deal activity in Q4 2020, along with unique insights and analysis, be sure to check out BeautyMatter’s exclusive report.

BeautyMatter was born from Founder Kelly Kovack’s desire to provide a fresh voice to a beauty industry hungry for more content from her perspective, and through her lens. BeautyMatter aims to fill the void, connect the dots, and provide an informed, analytical, and compelling point of view. Exploring limits and blurring boundaries, they offer highly curated news and original content by thought leaders and beauty insiders. 

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