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Beauty Intelligence: Top 12 Consumer Insights For COVID-19 & Beauty

Passionate about beauty Victoria has worked in the industry for over 15 years. With degrees in Business, Marketing and Communications and an early career in Market Research she has worked with major luxury brands and niche start ups. Victoria has worked with The Red Tree as a Brand Consultant and specialises in providing trend forecast’s and market insight. Her views on the beauty landscape post COVID-19 follows:


The temporary closure of beauty salons and spas has forced us to turn to at home treatments and tools

High Maintenance hair, nails and skin may not be entirely forsaken. We want to stay looking and feeling ourselves and turn to at home solutions. Trying out all sorts of tips, tricks, and DIY Beauty Hacks.   

Upskilling of consumers now that we have the time to watch tutorials, try different looks, and get the most out of our hair tools for example. 


Digital tools for skincare diagnosis and makeup application offer us professional expertise at home

External input into our beauty comes in the way of zoom consultations and apps that maintain our connection to highly trained professionals and advanced programmes. 

Facialists offer zoom consultations. Skin matching foundation apps. Device treatment programs at home skin gym. 


Purchasing products online suggested by influencers has even more emotional significance in these isolating times

ESTABLISHED ETAIL SHOPPERS: Continue to shop online as much as their budget allows 

NEW ETAIL SHOPPERS: Those of us who prefer to shop for beauty in physical stores are forced online to replace empties and indulge in some small pleasures that may pop up 

All the more investing in social media. Live streaming from brands beauty studio. Live chat for personal etail experience to help you find what you’re looking for. Incentives with free postage gifts and discounts.


Since the supermarket is the only physical shopping available, top up with soap and check out the beauty aisle

Discovery of supermarket beauty; topping up on essential items from bath and body, hair, skincare and makeup and singing the virtues of our new favourite budget beauty items. 

You might be happily surprised by your supermarket beauty finds. 


Sanitizing not only our hands but all the beauty tools and products we turn to daily for germ free homes

Disinfecting mobile phones, makeup, and everything in your bathroom with simple soap and water, alcohol, disinfectant spray, and UV light devices. 

Sanitation for in store cosmetics testing, and for makeup artists will be transformed by technology.  At home making an extra effort to clean makeup brushes with fit for purpose tools.


For the first time in many years, safety overtakes the need for natural ingredients for all cosmetics

Brands that have a clean and safe image such as SANEX and CETAPHIL are appreciated in these times. Reliability in formulation becomes the most important thing.  

Dandruff and Dermatitis relieving products like Head and Shoulders and E45 Cream can also expect a boost.  

Medical looking skincare becomes the trusted choice for efficacious results.  


Facial cleansing becomes more thorough and the need to put goodness and hydration back in is even more important

The huge mass increase of regular hand washing and hand cream has a positive knock on effect on skincare even for those who have had a previously relaxed approach to their skin, now embrace a renewed interest and start to take more care.  

Now that we have learned how to wash our hands correctly, we want to do the same for our faces. Out with the old, in with the new; now we encourage advanced skincare regimes for everyone.  


Passing the time with pampering; luxuriating in hot herbal baths, and at home multi-step facials with massage too

Pulling out all the stops with some serious pampering sessions. It’s off with the fakery and stripping back to basics with improving the condition of nails, hair, and skin. 

Taking a bath is a lovely thing to do in the evening. Finally using up all those bath bombs given to us as Christmas presents. We get rather attached to our bathtubs.  

We now have time to go through our stash, finish half used products, consolidate what we have, and make a new beauty wish list.  


Altruism, community, boosting each others’ spirits; beauty that demonstrates kindness is more relevant than ever

The world will be a kinder place, and that means for beauty too, with charitable causes that lift up people who need help all over the world.  

Mac Cosmetics has pledged $10 million USD to 250 organizations fighting against coronavirus and will be donating all Viva Glam lipstick sales to vulnerable communities impacted by the outbreak. 


The very real need to stay safe, well and healthy, when it comes to makeup means a naturally healthy glow is best

A drop of fake tan, rosy looking cheeks, white teeth, bright eyes, and glossy hair. Looking well exercised, fit, healthy, and in good condition whatever your age is a positive beauty statement. 

There is more emphasis than ever on the Natural Makeup look. Although most of us are working from home, feeling professional and looking effortlessly chic and polished is a great morale booster. Wellness and health related products and practices that help immunity are virtuous.  


With an outpouring of creativity, makeup artists exercise talent by transforming their faces and posting online

Makeup artist influencers continue to be a huge source of inspiration and entertainment on social media for all serious beauty enthusiasts.  

With more time at home enthusiastic makeup artists explore all the creative possibilities that they have ever fantasized about. Makeup becomes a form of escapism and a genuine art form to be admired.  

The use of medical grade COVID-19 protection masks now the norm, emphasis is on the eyes. Eyeshadow palettes, fleeky brows, and faux lashes are the focus. 


Since public spaces are shut down, and lifestyles restricted; we can at least maintain glamour as usual

All dressed up with nowhere to go. Thank goodness for video call parties, and our online fans. Morale must be boosted and glamour must be maintained. Enjoying a little luxury and something purely frivolous here and there is always a good idea.  

Though we may be saying indoors we want to appear cheerful and sometimes a full glam is the answer. Filtering and illuminating foundation products are more essential than ever now that meetings are done via video call. 


Stay Safe! 

The Red Tree is the UK’s leading international beauty brand consultancy and a powerhouse of ideas, insight and inspiration. For an informal discussion on how we might help you, please contact us.

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