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A Whole New World: What Does This Mean For Trends?

Early February I was working on trends going out to 2025 and beyond, then Covid-19 came along and had other ideas for the world, throwing it off balance and forcing us to review what the future looked like.

We have all had to become tech savvy overnight; brands and businesses are being run remotely, face to face meetings have been replaced with Zoom calls and wearing a mask when in enclosed spaces is our current new norm.

This is having an impact on the health & beauty industry, instead of the ‘lipstick effect’ will we see the ‘mascara effect’? Now we are all wearing a mask, the eyes really are the gateway to the soul.

According to Mintel, 82% Chinese consumers are wearing a face mask in public due to Covid-19. Is this creating an opportunity for cleaning, moisturising, and hydrating products? I personally have my facial HA spritz in my handbag to apply regularly to my skin when I have been wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time. Products should be designed for skin that has become more sensitive and stressed due to wearing masks and PPE, while also looking at the overall wellness – this presents opportunities in the short to medium term.

What are the longer-term trends?

Sustainability now undeniably has its place in all health & beauty products and is firmly implemented within brands’ DNA structure; but how do we take this one step further? Authenticity is an incremental next step for a brand, not just on social media as it’s thought to help appeal to Gen Z’s and Millennials consumers – who are known to have a low tolerance for disingenuous brands and will call them out for lack of transparency. Authenticity needs to be the very essence of a brand. This trend can be beneficial by making it a part of every decision or action taken, even when no one is looking. Anita Roddick was ahead of her time with her approach in the early days of The Body Shop. She knew about storytelling as all the products had stories, there was a cause and the Authenticity to make the world a better place with every product sold. This naturally leads us onto the next trend.

The word ‘Clean Beauty’ has been around and trending for many years. Since Covid-19, ‘clean’ has seen an increase in online searches. For me, the term has always been unclear, what does it really mean? I see this moving forward through increased Transparency and allowing the consumer to understand where the product is from – including manufacturing, packaging, the science, and formulation. The use of credible ingredients, that the consumer sees as ‘safe’, is important in the Transparency journey. Consumers are looking for a sense of safety and reassurance therefore, the message of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immunity boosting ingredients, will become common place across products and as a consumer message, as the trend evolves.

Sales of wellness products and home fragrance have surged during lockdown as the consumer that is seeking out a way to calm and sooth the anxiety they have been feeling. Wellness, as a trend, has been evolving and will continue to do this over the coming years. This has developed from the Athleisure trend that we first saw 4 years ago and has progressed into a more rounded trend that looks at body, mind, and soul collectively. Opportunities within this trend cover many categories, from oral care, ingestible, body skincare, facial skincare, baby, fragrance, and a resurgence in spa inspired products. With this trend, look to ingredients that have credible claim.

Microbiomes is a trend of its own however, it also fits suitably within Wellness. A consideration should be shown for consumer trials to substantiate your message on pack.

The outlined trends, if used together, really can create something special that speaks to a consumer on various levels and across numerous categories. Newness is still wanted, even in the middle of a global pandemic; let’s face it, a new beauty product makes you feel good!

About Chloe:

I love insights and trend forecasting; I read every article going as I want to learn about what is new in products, raw ingredients and how the consumer is feeling, spending, and what impacts these behaviours. Having worked in the industry for two decades, I have the ability to translate these into credible concepts and finished product.

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